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Professional dual screen teleprompter

37,500 EGP

Function description:


The Teleprompter software is a kind of advanced software developed by our company’s professionals. The whole system is easy to install. The microcomputer adopts Chinese Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 systems. The control method is diversified. The travel speed of the announcement can be controlled by the announcer himself through the handle to control the operation handle without noise, which is convenient and free. It can also be controlled by the keyboard, mouse, laser pen, foot pedal controller and Bluetooth controller.


System introduction:


1 The system supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 systems.

2 The system requires any combination of character color and background color with 256 colors. Male and female announcers can choose different background colors and character colors to facilitate male and female announcers to choose their own words, fonts and word sizes, and multiple roles can be selected. To distinguish between male and female roles or more broadcast roles.

3 Convenient manuscript entry and editing, simple operation, automatic typesetting, supports txt, rtf, word and other format texts, and supports direct opening of pictures, word, PPT, videos and other files.

4 Adopting monitor and high-resolution color display respectively, with high definition and clear writing. It can be networked inside and outside the station. It can be combined with document camera to form a two-in-one type. It is suitable for the needs of recording and live broadcasting programs in the studios of various TV stations. The script is bright and clear, and supports customizing the font size, font, and color display of different roles.

5 Paragraph format, bullets, indentation, line spacing can be set. The date and time are inserted into the presentation at any time.

6 The software supports Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Dai, Uighur, Korean and other minority languages. It also supports some foreign languages ​​such as English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, French, Arabic and other national languages. (Some languages ​​can be added according to customer requirements)

7 The system automatically records the presentation, and automatically searches for and opens the presentation when the power is turned on after an abnormal power outage, and ensures the integrity of the presentation.

8 The relative scrolling time and current time can be displayed on the same screen, and the size and color can be set arbitrarily, which is clear at a glance and easier to grasp the rhythm; important sentences can be marked by color.

9 More detailed, convenient and practical for the information bar, update time, and broadcasting speed.

10 The content is updated in real time, the update process is broadcast without interruption, no flashing, and the update speed is fast.

11 Flexible control methods, keyboard, mouse, and control handle can be used. The range of subtitle speed can be adjusted at will, and it is convenient to skip back and forth to turn pages. The travel speed of the announcement can be controlled by the announcer himself through the handle, and it can be controlled by single or double. Convenient and free.

12 It adopts imported multi-layer broadband dielectric spectroscopic film (hard film) glass, the thickness is only 2mm, and the light loss rate is below 3%.

13 Color LCD flat panel display, high definition, matching 19-22 inch display (corresponding to the size of the teleprompter), the software solves the dual-screen erect image problem, making the announcer and technical area easy and intuitive to operate.

14 Diversified forms, the two methods of microcomputer and camera can be combined into one, and they can be switched to adapt to the broadcast of emergency news.

15 Professional tripod: using 65mm bowl diameter hydraulic damping gimbal, fixed balance system, panning range: -85~+85 can be realized, gimbal quick release plate is equipped with a safety system to avoid accidental lifting When the word device or camera slips, the leg tube adopts a specially designed locking knob, which is tightly locked, and matched with rubber anti-skid foot pads, which enhances the stability of the tripod’s shock resistance. A tripod bag is provided with the camera tripod. Easily fit into it, convenient to carry and protect the tripod when traveling, storage height: 69cm, unfolding height: 160cm, pan/tilt: horizontal 360°, vertical -85°/+90°, self-weight: 4.2kg, load-bearing: 8kg.

16 casters equipped with basic pulley frame, suitable for light or medium tripod, easy to fold, easy to carry, unfolded diameter 90cm, weight 2.4kg, load 10kg.


Applicable scenarios:


News broadcast ———— studio.

Teaching broadcast——-campus TV station.

Broadcasting practice ———— family personal training.

Advertisement description————Product advertisement shooting.

Program interviews————Interviews with famous studio artists, etc.

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